The Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Augusta, GA

At the beginning of 2023, Augusta witnessed a young NFL player collapsing at a match due to cardiac arrest. Luckily, his life was saved thanks to the fast response of the emergency team and proper CPR.

After this unfortunate event, medical professionals and Augusta Health University started raising awareness and encouraging taking CPR classes and learning the basics. Cardiac arrest does not affect only older people but young athletes as well, and without immediate intervention on the spot, the chances for survival are low.

In this article, we’re reviewing the costs related to CPR classes. Additionally, we’ll briefly discuss what influences the price, so you can have a clearer picture and pick your CPR class easily.

So if you want to know the average cost of CPR certification classes in Augusta, GA, keep reading to find out more.

What is the Average Price of CPR Certification Classes in Augusta, Georgia

Type of Class/FormatOnlineIn-personHybrid
AdultRed Cross: $37Augusta Tech: $60Red Cross: $90Red Cross: $77
PediatricRed Cross: $37*PulseCPR: $59Red Cross: $117Red Cross: $70*
Basic Life SupportCPR& $39.99CPR Test Center: $24.99Red Cross: $37CPR Augusta: $79.95Augusta Tech: $75Red Cross: $90

As you notice, the prices differ not only from provider to provider but in terms of categories, as well. To understand the difference in prices, we prepared a full guide on what affects the CPR certification costs in Augusta, GA.

*These classes are codependent – the curriculum does not separate Adult and Infant CPR for these formats.

Hidden Fees and Expenses

Remember that very often, CPR classes involve hidden fees and expenses. Every provider has special learning materials related to the curriculum. However, not all of them include these materials in the total cost of the CPR class, so you will have to purchase them separately. Additionally, you can buy them second-hand or borrow them from other candidates who have passed the exam. Otherwise, depending on the provider, the materials for CPR classes can cost $20-$60.

Apart from the required and specific materials, you should also check with the provider if the certificate is free. Some providers charge $5-$10 for a certificate.

What Affects the Price of CPR Classes

CPR, in general, is a technique that imitates heart contractions in case the heart stops beating to stimulate the natural contraction. The type of CPR classes and how they are taught are just some factors that influence the price. In addition, below, you can read more about the CPR classes and the average prices per category.

Adult CPR Classes

The adult CPR classes focus on the CPR technique conducted on adults, young adults, or teenagers – all people older than 8 years. These classes cover the general approach to CPR, but as you noticed, most providers include the use of AED in their curriculums.

If you want to learn more about CPR, you can always opt for an online class for about $20-$30. But, mind that these classes cover only the theory, which means you will not try the method on a mannequin.

Georgia, like the majority of the US states, is an OSHA state. Under the OSHA requirements, most private-owned businesses need to have an AED, and at least 1 in 100 people must be skilled in AED.

Pediatric (Infant & Children) CPR Classes

The Pediatric or CPR Classes cover the CPR technique on people younger than 8 years old, including babies. Although the method is the same, the approach to performing CPR on children differs due to their physique and their bodies in development.

These classes are mostly recommended for people working with children, like babysitters, kindergarten keepers, teachers, guardians, and even parents. Infants are usually prone to choking as their reflexes are still developing, so knowing how to perform CPR can be useful.

Usually, these classes cost about $40-$70, depending on the provider.

Basic Life Support Classes

You will notice some providers include CPR under Basic Life Support, and usually, it costs more than the regular CPR Class.

You should know that these classes are extended, and the candidate taking them will become familiar with providing CPR on both adults and infants and children. Additionally, they will learn how to react in case of an accident and when to use the AED. Ultimately, basic life support classes teach medical personnel and first responders how to provide quality CPR, use an AED efficiently and relieve obstructed airways. Usually, these classes cost about $40-$110.

Class Format

The final factor that influences the CPR certificate price is the class format. A CPR class can be online, in-person, or hybrid. Below we discuss more on the difference between these classes.

Online CPR Class

The table above shows that online CPR classes cost significantly less than others. This is because online classes only cover the theory of the CPR technique, which means you will not have the chance to practice on mannequins and get feedback from your certified instructor on your performance. Therefore, the price varies from $15-$20 is reasonable.

However, since Georgia is an OSHA state, you should know that online CPR certificates do not verify your practical skills. If you need the CPR certificate for work, online classes do not meet the OSHA requirements. Instead, you need either hybrid or in-person classes where you can get practical knowledge as well. We discuss the details about both below.

In-person CPR Class

As the name suggests, the in-person CPR classes take place in a CPR training center conducted by a certified instructor. The instructor teaches the theoretical part and demonstrates the CPR technique on a mannequin. At the end of the curriculum, every candidate has to take the written exam and then the practical.

Taking the practical and written CPR examination meets OSHA requirements. Therefore, when signing up for CPR classes for work, always check if the curriculum involves practical exercises where the instructor can assess your skills.

Hybrid CPR Classes

The hybrid CPR classes are a combination of an online class and an in-person one. Namely, these classes are recommended for all people who cannot reach the CPR training center. Candidates can follow the theoretical part online, while the practical requires all candidates to be present.

At the end of the curriculum, all candidates have to take the written examination and the necessary practical one. Ultimately, since the hybrid classes cover the practical examination, they are OSHA-valid.

The Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Augusta, GA: Key Takeaway

There are many reputable CPR Certification providers that offer various types of CPR classes at different prices. The online classes are significantly the cheapest and most recommended for people who want to learn the basics of CPR and how to respond in case of a cardiac arrest.

However, Georgia is an OSHA state, meaning many candidates who sign up need it for their work. If you belong to this group of candidates, make sure you signup for a class where practical exercises are included. That is the only way to get a valid OSHA-approved CPR certificate for the workplace.

Last but not least, hidden fees and extra costs are also possible. Some providers exclude the necessary learning materials from the total price, and candidates have to either borrow them from someone who has them or buy them eventually. Also, if you want a hard-copy certificate, you have to pay a few bucks more.

We hope you found this article useful and that it helped you understand what the best class option for you is and what factors influence the price of a CPR Certification.